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The ability to cruise both Pittwater and the Hawkesbury is Fantastic and one of the greatest benefits that Omega has and Houseboats don’t. Houseboats are very restricted and may only cruise the Hawkesbury and forbidden by law to enter either Broken Bay and the magnificent Pittwater playground.

Renting a Unit or House means every morning you wake up to the same view the same surrounds. On Omega you can awake to a different outlook every day, go somewhere different for breakfast, for lunch and a different view for dinner...WOW...!!! Catch fish, Walk, visit any restaurant....or CHILL a bay all by yourselves somewhere in Pittwater or the Hawkesbury

The COMPLETE PACKAGE..! Everything, accommodation, transportation, inexpensive self-catering, entertainment, travel, adventure and a healthy outdoors lifestyle. Do the Sums! You won’t have to open your wallet every few minutes.. a boating holiday is  so inexpensive!

Built for Comfort. Omega’s robust square chine "Classic Trawler Hull Design" was built specifically for comfort of hirers....which means she is MUCH MORE STABLE than other Round Hull Cruisers and Yachts’ and you are unlikely to experience any motion sickness. 

Omega is no wimp in the power department. Her massive 6.2 litre Ford Lehman 6 cylinder diesel is the largest of any hire boat and provides unmatched power and reliability to cruise at regulation speed all day.

Houseboats are basically built on a barge style pontoon and offer internal space but as a consequence are very slow and tend to be buffeted by wind and choppy water. That is why their area of operation is restricted by law for reasons of safety.

We love sailing Yachts but only in open water. With the deeper Draft of a yacht it can be a restriction in Pittwater and the Hawkesbury because of Shallows, Sandbars and the difficulty approaching the many lovely little beaches. It can also be a little confined and cramped for comfort.

Omega is a REAL Cruiser with style, class and comfort and it costs no more. The rich
and famous choose to hire Omega because it is a big spacious deluxe classic cruiser.
You will look good and feel great aboard Omega. Your friends will envy you.

The Only Cruiser full walk-around decks in Pittwater ..Check out the gallery pictures...You don’t have to scramble through bedrooms or up ladders to get from the bow to stern or vice a versa to drop anchor or pick up a mooring as you do on most houseboats and some other craft.

Conveniently located close to Sydney at Newport. A short drive to get there and a short drive back. Excessive travelling can take the edge off your holiday. Most hire boats and houseboats are some distance from Sydney requiring one or two hours driving and at least as long to get back...

Pittwater is absolutely stunning. On the eastern shores are some of the most beautiful waterfront homes in Sydney and the western shore hosts small bays with communities only accessible by water and surrounded by pristine National Parks.

Omega weighs in at 10 tons...She is Big, Sturdy and Seaworthy and has a trawler style hull capable of motoring at good speed and much less susceptible to inclement weather and more comfortable on windy days when the sea is choppy.


From.. $38per person/day*
It Costs less than you think..!!

Family Holiday Escapes
Take the family out on a weekend adventure or a week in the nicest places on earth.
Romantic Couples Retreats
Nothing is more beautiful that to be moored in a quiet secluded bay.
Parties and celebrations
Perfect for that special gathering of friends and family to celebrate that special event. 
No Licence Required


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